Ostrich Oil
اکتبر 4, 2015
Ostrich skin to sell
اکتبر 6, 2015
Ostrich Leg Skins Species: Ostrich CITES: No Origin: S.iran..... Size: 4″ (10cm) x 16″ (40cm) See Stock & Pricing Production Inquiries Ostrich legs are relatively small skins, unique for their texture. These skins make great as a secondary texture for trims, upholstery, accessories and handbag components www.ostrichskin.prg Ostrich legs have wide scaling down the center length of the leg with a natural texture and brilliant glazed shine. Also, like ostrich hides, there are a wide variety of colors to choose from. Size: Approximately 4.5-8″ wide and 18 inches in length. Popular Applications: Handbags, wallets, car interior upholstery, boots, motorcycle seats, saddles, and inlays. www.ostrichskin.prg
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