سپتامبر 23, 2015
Ostrich Oil
سپتامبر 28, 2015
They are available in the full range of colors and styles. Ostrich leather is one of the toughest but most pliable expensive leathers in the world. It is full of natural oils and the leather is resistant to cracking and stiffness. The main distinguishing feature of ostrich leather is the quill or feather socket markings. The “full quill” area of the leather is the most sought after and therefore the most expensive type of ostrich leather. “Half quill” or “semi quill” or “smooth ostrich” is not as highly valued, bearing less of the quill pattern. The quill pattern is the result of large follicles which each contained a feather. Ostrich is not only known for its unique markings and suppleness, it is one of the toughest skins available. At fourteen months of age, an ostrich will produce around fifteen square feet of hide. Struthio camelus, or as we know it, the ostrich, is the worlds largest bird. It is classified into the ratite family, which include kiwis, and emus. The bird is indigenous to Africa where it has been farmed for more than a hundred years. The main product from ostriches is the “hide” which is used to produce exotic cowboy boots, luggage and accessories. There are two types of ostrich leather, “brush off ostrich dress” and “ostrich dress”. The first has the advantage of a shinier, dressier look. The second has the “full quill” graining. Whilst this type of leather does not need special attention, it would be foolish to neglect it. Ostrich leather cowboy boots have a unique look and grain, especially those made from “full quill” leather. Smooth ostrich leather, without indents, is more soft and fluid to the touch. The leather conforms to the contours of the foot well, and feels extremely luxurious. Your ostrich leather cowboy boots should be cared for as you would reptile skin boots. Brush off any dry dirt with a soft brush. Apply a conditioner with a soft cloth. Allow it to dry and to be absorbed into the leather, then buff with another dry cloth. You may follow this with two thin coats of conditioner, but be careful not to use any other solvents as these may mark or otherwise damage the leather. Timsboots.com recommends Bick 4 leather condition manufactured by Bickmore products. While ostrich leather cowboy boots are probably amongst the more expensive of the rare exotic leather cowboy boots you can buy, they offer unparalleled comfort and supreme elegance. With cowboy boots having crossed the fashion barrier and moved into the classics area, boots are always stylish and fashionable. They may be worn with casual clothes and look equally good with dress clothes. And with so many colors available