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نوامبر 25, 2015

Because soft materials like chicken feathers camel skin! Leather of ostrich skin, including the most precious products of the animal.

Unique beauty, strength, softness and strength characteristics of ostrich leather, ostrich leather Ast.zahr a beautiful cleavage. Compared with the other leather, ostrich skin is natural fats flexibility and robustness against dryness and cracking. Distinctive and elegant leather of the animal on the surface of the hair follicle stem filling it. Ostrich leather is six times the strength of the resistance of cattle. This feature, along with the remarkable and exemplary gentleness and softness that makes the product expensive in the world like crocodile skin placed in rows.killing birds after cutting and peeling, washing, liming, and then de-lime skin can be tanned and ready to enter the stage. After logging in to the skin like other skin tanned by mineral and vegetable tanning materials and Rytanyng cases and after passing through various stages, the product eventually becomes precious resistant. The major cost of ostrich leather in the world Different place and beautiful, soft, bendable, and very high resistance of leather is another distinguishing feature of this leather. The major products produced from ostrich leather products consists of all kinds of handbags, shoes, boots, a fur coat. European fashion salons for many years that ostrich leather briefcase used to prepare the animals for Knnd.albth in Mrykabyshtr leather boots and was Kmrbndastfadh. Due to the unique soft leather ostrich some auto plants and auto parts manufacturers in the recent past of this product for the production of car seat covers, dashboard, dirt stuck gear, steering wheel covers and even the veneer of expensive cars And.astfadh Ostrich leather is used to decorate cars in Europe. Well-known manufacturers of sports goods leather world of significant resistance at the same softness, elegance and beauty to produce shoes for specific sports. This type of leather in recent years its footing in the production of furniture and Office has also gradually open. Production capabilities skin on a farm Each piece ostriches can live 50 to 60 years. But old enough to mature and killing an ostrich farms is mainly about a year. Animal weighing 90 to 110 kg and height of 100 to 250 ° Mtrba it varies according to the male and female animal and race. Ostrich mother from age 2 to be able to lay eggs and on average 50 to 70 eggs per year produces an average of 40 eggs per bird are converted to chicken. Ostrich meat at slaughter is about 35 to 45 kg. The ostrich skin any more than the original breeder of the animal to an average of 12 to 16 square feet and an average of $ 35 per square foot pricing Shvd..mmvla of a mature ostrich local farms, on average, Between 2.1 to 5.1 square meters (12 to 15 square feet) quality leather is obtained that it is growing with correct principles in some cases expanded. According to comparative statistics provided by the Department of Livestock Ministry of Agriculture, a camel breeder in to be able to produce 40 chicks that any one of these chicks are in a period of 10 to 13 months to mature and are slaughtered. While at this time a mother cow meat was only able to reproduce a calf.which will be a maximum of 7.2 square meters. Nutrition and quality of ostrich skin  Ostrich can reach slaughter weight at the age of 9 months to 9 months old according to most bird breeders can produce an acceptable leather ostrich leather By including attention to age recommendations for slaughter is at least 12 months. While the scientific studies carried out in the nursery of ostrich farming ostrich in South Africa found that the ostrich skin that standard and recommended diets were fed, even at the age of 9 months of are good quality. Formulation recommended by nutrition experts ostrich feather follicles with rapid growth and development along with the skins have been designed with higher elasticity and strength. All of these things together will increase the quality of skin. Based on these studies, regardless of the age of the bird's skin, freshly hatched chicks management that affect the growth rate in the initial weeks, the environment, education, diversity in the quality of alfalfa used to feed and experience also plays a role in the formation of chicken breeders and bird skin quality and access to quality and mature skin, even in the age of 9 months old bird. These studies demonstrated that the specific effects of nutrition on the growth of follicles and skin quality with specific nutritional impact can be greater economic interest in the field of dermatology.   Quality and grading of skin  , and the size of the skin, including important parameters in determining the quality and grade are the skin before tanning. Defects arising from the education Or cutting holes caused by injuries and scars, scratches the skin, the effects of old wounds and not fully restored, sunburn, skin thickening, skin diseases such as rashes or bacterial damage, sprouted feathers and incomplete, selective disruption, Cheru an apparent neck, abnormalities of the skin, feathers and Don Don (Krvpn) to simplify the skin (on average 60 to 40 should be), including possible defects arisen during the period of breeding and pre-slaughter and skin the skin. You are. The existence and extent of any such errors in the determination of the skin There is a significant impact at the same time so that three or four of these defects can even be briefly reduced to 4 degrees of skin quality. Husky old ostrich skin with more levels and bumps big and not so Khvshaynddard that the quality is not good. Very young ostrich skin and small bumps Nazkba close together that it is not good quality. The size of the skin Another important factor in determining the size of the skin area and the skin. The area of ​​skin are usually due to age, fitness, obesity and weight loss and weight of the animal at slaughter varies. The skin in 5 sizes included + A, A, B, C and D are classified. The dimensions of 156 dB meter at the largest size for size D + A to a maximum of at least 80 decimeter range. Cutting open the correct skin One of the main points of a skin and a high-quality, cutting and peeling the ostrich approach and its final shape after opening. Now the local ostrich abattoir slaughter line and the line is on rails style slaughter (the sheep) are slaughtered. Slaughterer must cut a line straight and accurate cutting of the skin of the chest of the slaughtered animal to the door and Dygrmvd cutting line on the line to open the skin at the site of the legs do. As well as other human animal to be at the confluence of the wings. Figure 1 standard and the right cut and white skin shows. Chinese animal surgeons tip Under this basis of professional breeders in order to stay healthy farm animals in a period of 9 to 13 months of training to tip picking farm residents are skittish, especially males