?How Can You Tell the Difference between Ostrich and Ostrich Print Leather
اکتبر 8, 2015
اکتبر 14, 2015
Ostrichskin This leather is soft and the existence of follicles on its skin makes it distinctive. It is very durable and it has more water resistance qualities in comparison to alligator skin. Ostrichskin One of the unique features of ostrich skin is the existing feather follicles on the back and on the chests. The position of these follicles on the skin indicates its value. The clearer these follicles and the more compact they are, the higher its monetary value. Since the numbers of follicles are constant, therefore the values of larger skin are not less than that of smaller skins. Ostrichskin Soft ostrich leather is one of the most common materials in making boot, gloves, and bag. Another kind of ostrich leather can be obtained from ostrich legs. It looks like lizard skin and perhaps it is inherited from their ancestors. In the U.S.A, the leather is used for making cowboy boots. It is noteworthy to mention that 60% of income of ostrich products is related to ostrich leather and it is quite popular. Ostrichskin