Ostrich Leg Skins
اکتبر 5, 2015
اکتبر 6, 2015
ostrichskin.org Provides Genuine Ostrich skin Crust, wet blue and Salambor types. Ostrich leather is very famous and popular in the world of fashion because of its strong, soft and also very durable nature. it can be easily dyed to large variety of colors. There are many products manufactured using ostrich leather such as handbags, wallets, purses, belts, shoes, Coats and etc. Wet blue Ostrich skin Salambor Ostrich Skin ostrichskin.org Crust Ostrich Skin Ostrich skin to sell Ostrich finished leather Details: Our crust ostrich skin/leather products are divided in four quality grades, A, B, C, D Average size: 14 sqft Thickness: 0.8~1.3 mmColors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Black, ... 11-14 sqft.= Grade A: === 2x20ft containers. ostrichskin.org Grade B: === 2x20ft containers. ostrichskin.org Grade C: === 2x20ft containers. 15-16 sqft = Grade A: === 2x20ft containers ostrichskin.org Grade B: === 2x20ft containers Grade C: === 2x20ft containers Ostrich leg skin: ostrichskin.org large size; Width: 10-12 cm length 65 cm Small size: Width: 10-11 cm length 30-35 cm ostrichskin.org Ostrich skin to sell