Ariamontakhab.com,Ostrich leather Respiratory Gastrointestinal Complications Complications of neuromuscular - skeletal Other diseases When buying birds (particularly productive) Note First, The isolated bird is should not be considered. In fact,the bird should be with the Population. the single bird could be filled with problems. The second study from the perspective of controversy and fighting birds in the flock itself a sign of Bird health. Third, vitality and mobility as one of the characteristics of healthy birds And his lack of mobility and vitality signs of disease and the difficulty of ostrich Is. Fourth, overeating and lack of adjectives about themselves or other birds Five: Having sex drive and secondary sexual characteristics, for example, The mating dance, BOM, the flapping of chickens and even a Curiosity and peck. However, in view of the apparent healthy bird should be of such characteristics. For this purpose, all parts of the bird by the purchaser must be considered. ۱٫ Legs: A healthy birds should be symmetrical and tight walk And any deviation should be seen in the legs and feet, even fingers. ۲٫ an ostrich: it must be perfectly symmetrical so that when Close the top of both the top entirely on the ride, and none of Nvkha should be shorter than the other. ۳ wings: Note that not drooping wings and conditions Be correct. ۴٫ The vision must be clear, be clear, be wrinkle-free. Attention Note that one of the most common eye disorders statistically drooping ostrich Third eyelid. ۵٫ cloacal lack cloacal dirty and no abnormal feces, according to Stool is one of the most important criteria is that the bird's health Symptoms of many diseases can be detected in the feces of birds. ۶٫ healthy ostrich neck like a big S, and no depression and Relief should be on the person.
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